Hotel Lleida has spacious dining rooms for you to enjoy our local cuisine and celebrate banquets and receptions.

Fine dining enthusiasts will find a great diversity of savoury dishes, such as Aragonese lamb, prepared in various different ways, trout from the rivers of Ribagorza, «chiretas» (a unique local haggis) and a wide range of pork meat products, with special mention of the «Longaniza de Graus», which has its own feast celebrated in the last week of July, but also «tortetas» (fried blood mixed with flour), Serrano ham, etc. You can also enjoy various types of game, such as partridge, rabbit, etc.

Also savour the taste of delicacies such as traditional «turrones» (nougat bars), honey and honey products, chocolates and «pastillos» (pies with pumpkin, apple, walnut and/or honey), and «crespillos» (similar to fritters, but filled with spinach or borage leaves).
Special mention must be made of the truffle, the fungus most sought after by connoisseurs. Since the beginning of the twentieth century, the most important truffle trade fair in Spain is celebrated at Hotel Lleida. Nowadays, you can relish various different dishes prepared with truffles in our restaurant.

Please consult our menu of the day and our special group rates.

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